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Belief Cables Unearthed

"Truth”, should be understandable and provable I'm sure you agree, and if not, why not? And why should we, as rational, intelligent, literate human beings, strain our mental faculties beyond the points of rationality, common sense, natural law and logic; deforming the contour of our brains in a vain attempt to make sense out of nonsense? This article is geared towards establishing the answer to that question. 

There are some of us, of more discerning intellect

who believe that it is within reason for us to expect balanced answers to certain probing questions concerning "Religion” that may enter our minds from "Time” to time. 

I believe that to doubt and question the popular versions of God

and "Religion” is not the same to expressing doubt or criticism of God Almighty. I believe that it is possible to keep faith with God and at the same time totally reject any concept of God that does not conform to logic and reason. I believe that we should not be subject to accusations of heretical doctrine, hypocrisy, malicious intent, lack of faith, or atheism, simply because we seek understanding. 

The "Truth” stands by reason of its own truthfulness

It needs no supplementary supports. But beware of the fabrication (religious or otherwise), posing as the Truth; because the advocates of the falsehood always request that we accept their lingo, not on the basis of its provability, but rather they encourage us to have faith. And not just good hearted down to earth faith, but rather a faith that is unreasonable and doesn't hold up. A faith that requires us to actually twist the very fabric of normal thought processes in an adverse, abnormal way, to convince ourselves that somehow the fabrication is really the Truth. Where knowledge ends religion begins. 

Conflict of Beliefs, Differences and Detractors

Beliefs goes with spirits, where there is belief, there must be something, something that you cannot touch or see with your human eyes, only something that you can feel or see with dreams through connection with the spirits. You need to believe in what you believe in, if you don’t stand for something, you will definitely fall for anything. We need to stand with our beliefs and traditions and stop following people who through their food relief, jobs, biased charity and other things rob us into their beliefs / religions. Our ancestors are not for sale, they are not for a price, how much would one pay for them.  We are not ashamed of what we are; we are because of our spirits, our spirits are because of us. Africa is the continent with the richest spirits, cultures and traditional beliefs so I believe.

You want to tell me that Africa was nothing before Christianity came into Africa

Christianity has grown big and has the largest number of the followers in the world, yes of course. It is because it was forced into people of other beliefs. The family of the slaves had to pray before doing anything is it eating, starting the day or work, but their slave masters and their families would just grab the plates and have some food, start their day without any prayer. Was this Christ a Christ only for the slaves?

When these people came to Africa, they had skills and technology;

Some were the Catholics, the church people, so called people of God and the holy people, instead of teaching, equipping people with these skills and technologies they made them slaves catching and chaining them like animals, selling them to one another like cattle for slaughter. Where was this Holy Spirit when they were doing all this evil?

Power mongers create fear in order to control the world

They can even make you afraid of yourself. “Outside there is a demon, Satan, Satanism”, there is a lot they talk about to make us run away from our shadows. “Your ancestral spirits are demons that trouble you”, etc. To me cultural beliefs, religions, traditional practices, and all the spiritual bodies, have become business other than a special organic it was, it has become politics, I wander where exactly is it heading to.

Africa did not know of anything such as Satan, Satanism, and Demons,

which are used to frighten people out there these days, making them feel they are unprotected just to have them filling the congregations. What can you tell me was wrong about the lives of our forefathers, with their ancient lives? What was this Satan to them? What was a demon to them, what was Satanism to them?

They did not know of all these things so they did not exist to them. The only thing they were worried about was the witches, the wizards and their which craft practices of which they fought through their spirits and traditional beliefs in triumphant. Their spirits were their gods; they did not want some bossy-self-sated Gods /gods.

They worried only about food of which they planted, grew crops and harvested. They also kept their domestic animals and hunted whenever they needed game meat. During dry seasons they consulted their rain goddesses from one tribe to another, each place had its rain goddess of which people depended for enough rain and good harvests. So really they didn’t need some bossy self-sated racial gods, and their priesthood and also their self-acclaimed supremacy.

Through colonization, the media and technology

Christianity has grown very big. The African traditional beliefs did not have a written book that would be forced into people of different ethnics through wars, taking advantage of drought, poverty and vulnerability. 

If a psychic, spirit mediumclairvoyanceSangomaInyangaspiritual faith healer traditional healer charges someone an amount for services, they call it bad and unholy it is only good when somebody pays money on a Sunday offering and tithe in a church.   

I have heard the question of the land;

people had a lot of their spirits attached to some parts of the land before the land was invaded during colonization. Sacred mountains were just climbed without the consultation of the spirits by the invaders / the colonizers. Guns were shot at some sacred pools which are homes to our ancestral spirits which made them (the spirits) very angry. They responded by bringing hardships to the land, drought and dryness to the land, in result of no rain, no good harvests and cold wars, etc. During the lives of our forefathers, a Rain-queen would be consulted with in terms of poor rains and poor harvests, and people would come with positive results with their places having enough rain both for people and their animals. I have got an example of a rain god or goddess in Njelele shrine in Zimbabwe, guns were shot at that rock/cave and the whole of Matabeleland South region have since run shot of rain and experience poor harvests or no harvests at all. We have got Nomkhubulwane the South African Zulu water and river goddess, when she is angry she causes havoc with floods and cyclones. This is not always the case with Nomkhubulwane because the Zulus are spiritually centered people that they don’t forget to consult with their Goddesses and plead for forgiveness and clemency when things have gone wrong.

Church television programs and so called Demons

There is a lot I do not understand here on these church television programs; people of other languages speaking in English when their demons are expelled in churches. In most cases these are young and educated people who can speak English well even when they are just people, not possessed. The old and uneducated have not appeared on Church television programs speaking English, why? These demons only affect the young and educated? Who knows? I wish these guys come to my place and pray for my old-old grandmother and see if she is going to speak English as her spirits come since she never went to school, then I will believe them. 

What I know of the spirits, they speak and understand only the language of their people (Their ancestors).

Those demons supposed to be speaking in their languages with someone translating as in what they are saying. (All these church TV programs are just business, and advertisement) scaring people with things that are none affective and do not exist at all. People need to be careful; they are going to run away from their own ancestors having made to understand they are demons; a thing that does not matter to them because it did not matter to their ancestors. (Can you run away from yourself?) It is impossible. Many people want to be other people than themselves, because those people are said to be so much famous, rich, so much of God’s people, no and a big No, everybody is God’s people, differing in their diversity. The planet earth was made conducive for everybody who lives on it regardless of traditional beliefs, cultures, religions and ethical background. (Freedom of worship and a right to belief) No religion or belief is mightier, bigger or greater than the other. Each and every belief is bigger, mightier and greater to those who believe in it. And that is what they believe in so let them. Christianity is mightier, and greater to those who choose to believe in it, and so other belief types.

Beliefs/religious Democracy

In most cases Christians have a problem with other religions and traditional beliefs; they always undermine everything from other parties. For an example, we have Islam/Moslems, they worship the same God as the Christians and they only differ on the Christ/Mohammed story one being the son of god and the other a prophet. Still the Christians will tell you everybody is not doing it right beside them. They don’t just associate with other beliefs. However, they are right, they must not bring things from other beliefs to confuse their own. In the first place they should not have forced their religion into people with their own religions; they confused the world for their own benefit. They spoke of Heaven, what is that to us the real Africans who worship their ancestor spirits. What is this heaven to other people of the world who have their own beliefs and don’t care about the heavens they do not know. (Anything that you do not know of is useless, it is less important than that which you know).

Look at how many churches are built one church after the other

next to each other with different names, each one is fighting for its own good, a lot of money is involved in this church business, “give some offerings to God, ten percent of everything you earn’ and that one is a must, otherwise God will…..” At which bank is God’s account? How big is God’s purse? How big is God’s dinner table? This is all business; people have made a hell lot of money through this church business in the name of God pretending to be the God’s servants. Why does god seem to make a lot of threats through the bible at the church when money is wanted? Is it God really who wants these monies. Is it him who threatens people so much if they can’t give tithes to the church and the pastors? What character then is God when it comes to money? The God who warned people through the bible about the love of money, can he be so fraudulent, is it possible that he may have so much love of money that he punish those who do not give money to the church and its pastors? If it’s like that, then it would mean God and these pastors should save the love they claim to have for the people by being once off bank-robbers and robbers of money in transit (At once) because the threats I have heard in bible verses demanding money seems to me that they need more money than the whole world can give. 

My only problem with these people is that they don’t believe that other spirits are real

they think it is only theirs. When these Christian people came with their bible to kill some people’s brains, programming the world people’s brains to their notion of the chosen, heaven and hell; they told people that Heavens are up in the sky, the scientific study revealed later that there is nothing up the sky, the blue sky we see is where the sight ends, it is endless in the sky, no heavens, no hell only the planets.

The Jews claim their town Jerusalem is a holy city of God and the bible falsely states that there is a Jerusalem up in the skies in so called heaven, this is a mind game, it is using the word god to create fear and control the world. These church people now criticize one another, “this church is of God that is of Satan” they want to scare people from some churches in order to get members. Is it not that they are preaching the same bible with one primary aim to take people to heaven (Same theme different cast). If there is heaven, those who believe do not mind as to which church is going to take them to heaven, but for those who are doing businesses with these churches it matters, they want people they want money and tithes. 

It does not need a rocket scientist to prove that even before Christianity Africa had its own pride


Khokhovula is a Spiritualist, a spirit medium, traditional healer, a fortune teller altogether. He is an Inyanga, a Sangoma and he is well versed with rituals of people of different ethnics. He was born of the small but spiritually centered Jahunda people and grew up in a broad and famous Nguni cultures and traditional beliefs. He is born in the midst of traditional healing, spirit medium ship and also witchcraft (Psychic attacks).

The families in his father and mother’s sides are filled with traditional healers, spirit mediums, the rain Queens, Witches and Wizards (Izinyanga, Izangoma, Izanusi, Abathandazi Nabathakathi. His father was known for the punishment of thieves, witch-hunt, lightining and rain rituals, casting of ghosts and any kind of evil spirits. He also was well-known for bringing ancestral spirits and families together, giving powers to other spiritualists such as Sangomas, Nyangas, Zanusis, Prophets, church Bishops, Pastors/Priests (Psychic readers, Fortune tellers, Clairvoyance, Spirit mediums, and the rain Queens).

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